Wood Flooring Care and Maintenance

With the right type of care, floors can stay as good as new for several years. Some preventive measures and a little common sense can increase the life of any floor. Regular cleaning would make floor care simple. Preventive maintenance care can allow you to delay major renovations, like waxing, refinishing and recoating. Dirt and dust can be the worst enemies of your floor so you should vacuum sweep and mop on a regular basis.

To keep your floors looking just as new as the day of installation, you can follow these easy steps and use the cleaning products that have been recommended by the manufacturer.

Never mix wood and water!

Excessive water can make your wood floor swell and cup. Using a slightly damp cloth or mop to clean up wooden floors is advisable.

The floor’s surface can be damaged because of vacuum beater bars. It is always better to turn it off, or use a wand or a hose attachment with an upholstered nozzle for cleaning a wooden surface

Potted plants should never be placed directly on the wooden floor even when they are placed in a waterproof saucer. Saucers can develop condensation underneath and can damage the floor. It’s best to place the plants on stands or trivets to let the air circulate beneath.

Cats and dogs can easily scratch the surface of wooden floors. Keeping pets’ nails trimmed can help. It is advisable to clean up pet urine immediately, if allowed to dry it can cause damage to the floor.

It would be a good idea to place walk mats that can trap dirt at all the doors so that dirt and sand does not enter the house. Before cleaning the floor, the dirt should be removed by vacuuming or sweeping.

Rugs should be used at areas that are most frequently used, like near all the doorways and near the end of the steps. Instead of rubber rugs, rugs made from cloth should be used as they let the floor breathe.

Any spills or food should be immediately cleaned with the help of a soft cloth and a cleaner recommended by the manufacturer. For dry spills, a broom or a vacuum should be used.

High heels that have lost their protection caps and have worn down can cause dents and scratches on wood. Any person who weighs 125 lbs and wears stilettos can exert 2000 lbs of pressure on the floor.

Chemicals in wood can oxidize in bright light and can change the colour of the floor. To avoid the discolouration, the rugs should be moved to shade windows that face the sun.

Felt protective pads should be placed under the furniture legs; this can let you easily move the furniture around without causing any scratches or dents on the surface of the floor. This would also prevent sound while moving furniture, but these pads should be replaced quite often, since dirt and grime can make them wear out.

If your Floor is damaged we do offer a repair service as well as floor sanding and restoration.